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Laguna Beach Greeter Ornament

Laguna Beach Greeter Ornament

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Celebrate the welcoming spirit of Laguna Beach with our delightful glass-blown Christmas ornament, featuring the iconic Laguna Beach Greeter.

Since the 1930s, the Laguna Beach Greeter has been a cherished local figure, warmly welcoming visitors and embodying the friendly, artistic vibe of this coastal community. Eiler Larsen, the most famous Greeter, became a beloved symbol of hospitality and joy, greeting passersby with his broad smile and enthusiastic wave.

Our hand-painted ornament beautifully captures the essence of the Laguna Beach Greeter, showcasing his cheerful demeanor and signature wave. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this ornament brings a piece of Laguna Beach’s unique charm and history to your holiday decor.

Ideal for locals, visitors, and collectors of distinctive ornaments, the Laguna Beach Greeter Glass-Blown Ornament adds a touch of warmth and nostalgia to any Christmas tree. Celebrate the enduring legacy of this beloved figure with an ornament that brings the heart and soul of Laguna Beach into your home.


Dimensions:  2.25"L x 5.5"H (to top of metal loop) x 1.25W


PACKING & SHIPPING: Each ornament will be professionally packed in a gift box and shipped to your home or office in the United States. If you would like them shipped to other parts of the world please inquire as to rates.  


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